Thursday, March 19, 2015

Small Set-Back With Recovery

This part is difficult for me because I've done a ton of research and read what to expect during recovery and it seems (to me) that Chad is progressing normally. However, there is some drainage and since Chad is so concerned about it, they are err'ing on the side of caution and have ordered a whick of some sort to drain the wound to ensure it doesn't drain inside. Hopefully, they'll allow us to get a doctor to do it locally but it may mean another trip to Illinois.

His stomach still seems distended more than it should be and I am not sure if that's gas or just healing. Other people who have gone through this have said they all experienced these same symptoms so hopefully they'll clear up in time.

We're asking for prayers for continued healing. He's come so far and has been so blessed, we want to stay on that track!

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